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Homey not booting up anymore

Hello everyone,
something really strange happened today and my homey is not working anymore.
So, I had to briefly unplug my perfect functioning homey to relocate the plug, and once I powered it up again instead of normally booting i got one light blue/white led on left, a blue led in front and soon after another light blue/white led powers up on the right and that’s all.
It won’t boot, it won’t go into recovery mode, nothing.
I can’t find the meaning of these leds anywhere.
Anybody have any clue before I contact support?

Thank you.


did you try another powerplug?
(at least 2 Amp)

i already changed the powerplug with a 3A one weeks ago to solve another issue but it has always worked so far…
I also performed a pull the plug keeping it disconnected for almost 30 minutes… no effect, same LEDs as per original post…

Then i suppose you answer is: “No i didn’t”. I mean, it always “worked so far” before it broke… So maybe try it anyway?

Just to chime in…
I’ve had my honey for 3 years
Last night it shut down
I kept rebooting till I could get on long enough to remove as many apps as possible

It finally stayed up… think it ran out of memory

@KonradWalsh I often reboot my homey as i notice as spike in memory usage, but in my case it now won’t boot no matter what, I can’t get to the yellow spinning ring signaling boot… it just stays with these 3 leds on… nothing else…

Maybe you should take the advice of @Canedje. Or maybe you don’t and stay stuck in the boot process for sure. Doing PtP’s with a faulty plug is a bit useless.

I have tried 3 different plugs with the same result…