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Homey Zigbee - limit of 20 battery powered devices


1.) Yes, it’s the same for the Pro
3.) 20(-ish) in total, for ALL devices

Why is it limit? I have 30 devices out of which only 2 are directly connected to Homey. Why dont ppl just buy pair of ikea sockets and never need to solve the issue?

Because what works in your specific situation may not work on someone else’s specific situation.

What is specific about my setting? I have two story house with homey and three routers around (2 upstairs, 1 downstairs).

Your home layout, the materials your home is built with (walls, floors; for instance, in NL lots of houses have concrete floors with rebar reinforcements, which are very prone to cause interference), any large pieces of furniture, location of Homey, location of Zigbee devices, number of WiFi networks in the vicinity, etc.

How do type of walls correlate with number of devices (not signal strenght)? If the issue is number of maximum devices than additional router solves problem. Nothing more nothing less. BTW i have monolitic concrete floors/ ceiling.

If the issue is signal strenght than you just add even more routers. But its not what the topic here is about.

Your solution was “Why dont ppl just buy pair of ikea sockets and never need to solve the issue?”

That’s too simple, because:

  • you cannot tell end devices which router to connect to; in your specific situation most end devices connect to the routers, but that will not happen everywhere
  • a “pair of ikea sockets” may not be sufficient
  • if you already have a large number of end devices, and you start adding router devices, you may not be able to add them because you’re hitting the limit while adding the routers, and …
  • …some end devices, like Aqara, don’t like to switch routers, so if they got paired directly with Homey and you add additional router devices, the Aqara’s may not switch to using those router devices.