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Yes I can put the lights in the dashboard on and off.

Put your blinds in a flow, that will work
like blind 1 open flow
or all blinds open flow

It has been a bit quiet around homeydash.com but that doesn’t mean nothing has been done.
There is a new version around the corner with 2 new functions.
The first new function let’s you set the order in which the Favorite Flows, Favorite Devices an your Alarms are shown.

The second new functionality is the ability to set the dim value on supported devices

This last function does need some thorough testing, it’s functionally done but needs some work on the UI/UX.
Because of this it is not available on homeydash.com but on homeydash.com/beta
So if you want to test this new functionality you have to insert /beta/ in the url. So https://homeydash.com/?theme=.... will have to be changed to https://homeydash.com/beta/?theme=....

And you know what? If you want to revert back to the ‘stable’ version you don’t have to reset your Homey you can just remove the /beta/ from the url.

So here’s the change log for

  • Ability to change the order between Favorite Flows, Favorite Device and Alarms
  • Ability to dim devices

If you test this new version and run into problems, please post as much information as possible including but not limited to: platform (windows, mac, table, hub etc) browser, affected device and as much info as possible describing the action, what you expected and what actually happened.


O wow :orange_heart: I would love to have that ‘dim’ function on my thermostats :pray:

Great work :+1:

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Well, when the code for the dimming is working satisfactory it can easily be transformed to be used with other devices that have a similar capability such as thermostats.


Great. Good work. Dimming is perfect option.

There seems to be an additional (empty) combobox on the beta settings page:

Both on iPad with iOS 9 and iOS 13 it, dimming slider, seems to be working ok.Only if not clicking the (close) x on the dimmer slider, it closes only when really activating another ‘apparaat’ tile. Maybe it’s possible to give the slider a timeout (if not used) then slider closes in ?5? sec. And maybe make it possible to drag and drop the slider or, see the % in the slider. ! Now it covers the tile… 17|690x467

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How can I disconnect the Homey Dash? It gives to much problems. I can not turn my TV Off anymore. And when I want to close one shutter, they all closse (I do the controlling in the app).

Best do a ptp (pull the plug) of homey… don’t think homeydash is creating this issue …
Wait 15 mins before putting it back. To make sure homeys memory is empty…

Hey Danee you are great

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That combobox should only be available when you’ve created a virtual device to dim the dashboard itself (like explained here Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard)

Thanks for finding that, I’ll look into it edit: fixed.

This is indeed the part where works needs to be done. I think I’ll block controlling the other parts of the dashboard when the slider is shown. The placement of the slider is also something I want to look into.

I can’t relate the problems you are experiencing with homeydash.com I think @Jaxc’s advise to pull to plug is a good step to start with.

:grinning: thanks



what I’ve noticed (using a PC and web based Homey dash) :

  • hard to get the dimmer slider to stay on screen… have to hold the button in for an exact amout of time… or else it closes on it self
  • when closing the slider the background change colour… gets much brighter. goes back to normal when I go to settings and save

This worked. I have put back the Samsung IR app. That works now.
Have to wait untill tomorrow if my flow with the shutters work.

The timing on touch-and-hold to bring up the slider and not cycle through the available capability values is something you need to get used to, once you get it it will feel natural.

Changing the background brightness after closing the slider is a left over of a test I did, it’s fixed now. Good find, thanks for reporting.

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can not get it to work, dashboard wont load.

i dont know anymore, did every thing as suggested, no dashboard on the nest hub

Great work ! :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to get the sliderto work on thermostats like VTherm ?

(it’s an app to create virtual thermostats, so you can control heating with no flow. Just need the heater/wall-plug and a temp.sensor in the same sone… add the VTherm and you can then control the heater based on set-point on VTherm and readings freom the temp.sensor)

I have no Google Hub but as far as I know the instructions by @Rocodamelshe mentioned in this topic are still valid so with those instructions you should be able to get it to work.


the beta version works like a charm. Love the slider for dim functionality.
Now an option to organize the buttons per function (switch, alarm, temp) or room would make the dashboard (almost) complete :slight_smile: (we always would like to see our personal preferences… so it is never 100% to the satisfaction of everyone… but you are making it harder and harder to find new logical features :slight_smile: )