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Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

The app in the store doesn’t work, it’s a webpage see post 1

@Maikel_van_den_Brink check here.

@Rocodamelshe and @Rickp

Got it, thanks!

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Well. Some guys set it up in their spare time, why don’t you perfect it then? Takes away the pain…

I’m doing something wrong.
When i go on homeydash.com with chrome or edge, i get redirected to homey.ink which i would only be able to use with kobo tablets?

and you did whats explaned on the openings post of this topic?

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Why don’t you start reading at the first post of this topic. It’s all there.

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wooo, indeed, it works,
prooves i get it when its told the hard way :slight_smile:


How do i get the clock on the google hub? If i enable the clock in homeydash it shows in the webversion. The link however doesn’t seems to change. I kopied it anyway and send it to the hub but i still get the page without the time.

Do i need to add something to the link manually?

English please, non-English posts will be removed from the english forums

Not really sure if this will work, but this is what i use:


i hope i removed the token part right. does it work for u?

You can get the clock on the hub itself. Just like you do on the browser. Hit the cogwheel and check the clock.

That simple… Doh…


Hi There,

First of all: Nice work with the dashboard! Works like a charm (even on a crappy old android tablet).

One question: How do I revoke access of the “unique dashboard link”? I thought it was somewhere hidden in de cookies, but since the link is working on 3 seperate browsers, that’s probably not the case.

Change the password of ur Homey.

Is there a method to auto refresh te page using a parameter on the url?
I notice that the background rainradar image is not updated very well during the day.

allright! Thanks.

I finally managed to get the dash on my IPad. The only thing that does not work are my shutters with KaKu. I can not controll them from the dash. Everything else works. Even the current temperature in the rooms.

Are you able to control your fav devices from your dashboard?

If the devices are ‘on/off’ only, yes you can…