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Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

I alredy tried running locally. Works great but doesn’t change the fact that i can access my homey via homeydash.com or homey.ink with the generated token.

It will not prevent me from using the Dashboard because it is a really great improvement for my system Just tried to understand how this works.

thanks @DaneedeKruyff for the work you are putting into this !


Hi, I had homedash running on my Google Nest Hub, but suddenly the flows are broken. It appears as if it is no longer possible to cast an url to the google nest hub. Has there been a google update or perhaps a homey update that is the cause of this? Or is something wrong with my setup?

Flows are broken like the hub is not in ur devices anymore? Google Chromecast got an update where in a lot of cases the devices need a re-pair. So check ur devices and look for a red cross at the hub.

Check, that’s it. Chromecast was broken. reinstalled it, repaired all flows, but now it won’t cast a website on the hub. Perhaps the casting meghod changed?

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Think I found it. Perhaps useful for others too: the https:// appears to be case sensitive.

Does the Nest Hub work well with homey dash? Was thinking of getting one also but not sure…

The hub works like a charm with homeydash.com and is the only reason I bought the hub for.

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Yes, works great with Homeydash.
For that reason i just bought a second one for my bedroom. Replacing my alarmclock and having a dashboard and voice control all in one, nice!

How do you load the website on the Hub? I’m contemplating buying one as well

Check here.

Very cool! How do you get it to go back to clock mode? Can you just swipe it away? Thinking of using this as a bedside clock

Make a flow like the same u turn it on.
This time u say “turn the Dashboard off” and in the flow u pick the card “stop casting”

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Aha! Got it, thanks! I’m probably thinking of a few automations already just involving this!

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Just wanna say this works really well. I’m really happy with the Home Hub, the dimmer display works smoothly and Google Home itself is decent at controlling my thermostat and lights. I set a Xiaomi Zigbee switch next to the device, single press and it brings up Homeydash (so i can toggle it when my wife is sleeping instead of using voice command)

No need to turn it off as i can easily swipe the screen to the right to get back the clock function. Recommended !

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I’m having troubles getting started with HD. I went to the steps and i can open te page. Favorite devices shows up but thats about it. I tried removing the cache, opening it on my phone / tablet and in firefox and everytime i get this result. Also tried to redo the setup (login on homey ink, get token) but nothing gained there.

What could i be missing?

Your screen looks fine to me. If that are indeed your favorites then what do you think you are missing?

You have to add all the devices you want to show up to your favourites. Same with the flows

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This is what I missed! Thanks

Nice tool!

Now more than ever, the lack of custom icons for the tiles is painful

Hi guys,

I’m interesed in the Homeydash app, but, my Homey is running 2.3.0 firmware.
Is it possible to downgrade because when i want to install the Homeydash app it keep saying it’s incompatible.