HomeyDuino device with two temperature sensors registers only one


To monitor my central heating water flow temperature (floorheating) I assembled two DS18B20 temperature sensors on a ESP32 board to monitor the water temperature. The first measures the water temperature before passing through my Grundfos circulator. The second one measures the temperature after the water has passed through the heating system. The temperature sensors are placed on the pipes and are insulated.

I added the capabilities in my arduino sketch as follows:


See documentation found here Driver Capabilities

After registering my device in Homey only the first sensor temperature is shown. The second one is ignored.

Is this a known feature? (aka bug?) Can I fix this some other way?

Or is there another method to register multiples capabilities using perhaps some other technique/device?

Any help appreciated,




Maybe I should try the MySensor plugin and rewrite my code.


That’s still under development, you can not do it like this you can only use 1 capability.
I’m doing something similar with my fireplace water system but I’m sending the values like this:

Homey.trigger(“temperature1”, tempDev[0]);

And then reading it out in a flow


Maybe you can do something with this example:


Thanks Jan, nice article btw. What the article describes does work because Mike registers different types of sensors e.g
Homey.addCapability(“measure_humidity”); // DHT11
Homey.addCapability(“measure_temperature”);// DHT11
Homey.addCapability(“alarm_motion”); // PIR
Homey.addCapability(“measure_luminance”); // LDR
These are all different capabilities and these do work!

The issue at hand is the fact that if you repeat the same capability on your HomeyDuino device the other values are ignored. This is related to this bug Multiple capabilities is not possible


Personally, I feel that it may take quite some time before Homeyduino will get fixed. From what I know, it was a project that was created by an intern as a graduation project, and he has moved on since.

I’ve used the MySensors app in the past which, although not perfect, worked better than HomeyDuino for me. It does require running an MQTT broker, but you can use the MQTT Broker app for that.

At some point in the future, my Sonoff app will be able to support generic (ESP8266, not ESP32) sensor modules.


Ok, thanks!

For now I’m monitoring the temperatures using two separate d1 mini’s (ESP8266).
I will be looking into the MySensors app to combine both temperature sensors in one device. While I’m at it I will check out if running the thing in combination with Node-RED is a viable option.