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Homeyduino @ V2.0


If you can’t add new devices, you should let Athom know because they are under the impression that it should work in v2.


MQTT Hub/Gateway

I did

what makes you think they are under the impression it works?

They have acknowledge already to others that resource(s) need to be allocated to fixing it.

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Yeah sorry, I only just noticed that @bvdbos wrote earlier in the thread, that they are aware of the problem :sweat_smile:

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Is it not possible to add a device not in a normal way but add it directly in the root.
I can image that a device is just somehow a entry in a list, so why not copy a new one in.
Or is this to fare thinking…



FyI: Homeyduino 1.03 just released on 17-01-2019. I cannot find a release log what is changed.

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The patch is called “fix for v2.0.0”: https://github.com/athombv/com.athom.homeyduino/commit/fa721550b5d6ad82058376d61b47e2386d4cc895

Looks like it fixed an issue during pairing of new devices.



Perfect!!! That was the only thing stopping me for updating!!! Now I Just need to find the time :thinking:

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Just for information. The last update of Homeyduino fixed the problem with v2.0.
I have tried it yesterday and it works like it should!

very nice app!



I works but sometimes you need to chance the unique name to something and then back to the original to connect it good again