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How to connect SolarEdge to Zonnepanelen app

Thanks a lot!

Hi, me too having trouble adding my solaredge panels to the homey app ‘Zonnepanelen’
I do have the API and the key but my homey app keeps sending the error message: Error: could not find that pair session
I have contacted the installer again and they say it’s the correct info?!?
What to try next?

The “could not find that pair session” issue happens when you switch between the Homey app and another app (for instance to cut&paste the API key). Log out from the Homey app and log back in again.

ok thanks. Now my next error message is: Error: inloggegevens onjuist.
I guess i have to request a new api key?

I had the same problem. When you get the api key, the problem is that if they don’t hit the save button your api key will not be valid. I contacted the person who was able to make the api key, explained him he has to hit the save button and that worked. Just to stupid to think this is the problem, but it is🙃

I have an account ID (five digits) and a saved API key (23 digits) but still I get the message “Could not find that pairsession” or “inloggegevens onjuist”. I already have restart the app and tried it again but I keep getting the same messages … Anyone who can help me?

Make sure that you copy the API-key from the SolarEdge website exactly. See at : https://monitoring.solaredge.com go to admin >> Site Acces >> Mark the field you have read. and first generate a new API key andsave and copy this. And that you get the install-IDon the same page.
Then you go to the homey app add a new device > > add Zonnepaneeel > > select Solaredge and fill (copy) both in to the fields.
This should work.