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How to Integrate Gazco Skope 195R with Homey Pro


I am a very proud owner of a Homey and are very busy to integrate all devices into the Homey. Currently we have a Gazco Skope 195R with a RF remote, that I want to integrate into Homey with the idea to control the fireplace. I already red a lot about signal copying, but I don’t know which App I need or how to copy “RF signals” to integrate with Homey. Is there someone with similar ambitions? :slight_smile:

I will really be helped if someone knows the solution for this!

Kind Regards, Dennis

Homey requires a specific app to handle RF signals. In other words, it cannot be used (directly) to deal with generic RF signals (in terms of Homey “cloning” a signal).

If there isn’t an app available for your device, a possible workaround could be to purchase a Broadlink RM Pro Plus device, which (AFAIK) has the ability to clone signals and has Homey support.

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Thanks a lot, I am definitely want to try this! Is the “Broadlink RM Pro Plus” the triangular device? Looks great, if the answer is yes I am going to order it immediately!! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Yes, I think it’s the triangular device. Be sure to search the forum for posts about the device, I don’t have one myself so cannot vouch for it working well. There’s a specific thread for the Broadlink app: Broadlink App

Already ordered one! I will share the results when I have tested the device. I think this must work.

It worked!! Thanks a lot. It was hard to install the Broadlink App to my iPhone, this because the iPhone connects with the 5Ghz network and with Ubiquity I was not able to switch to 2.4Ghz…

After installing it was problematic to catch the signals by the Homey Broadlink App, eventually it worked after a while. I did the following - no guarantee for success and more luck then wisdom - to make it work; I placed the Broadlink RM Pro Plus next to the Homey, started the App and started pressing repeatedly on the button. After a few tries it worked!

Because Off and On is one button, but a different signal I had to try it several times to catch the right one! I am very happy with it!! :slight_smile: