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How to know the firmware version of Fibaro Devices?

Hi there,

can someone briefly explain where I can see the version of Fibaro devices in Homey? The question arises as in the ‘advanced settings’ Homey is showing versions like 274 (dimmer 2) or 787 (roller shutter 3), but the Fibaro documentation speaks about versions like 5.0 or 5.1.

Put differently, my shutters do not position at all and I would like to know whether this can be related to the firmware version or not.

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Only way is to connect them to a Fibaro hub. That will also be the only way to update them. Homey is not allowed to update Fibaro devices. Not Homey’s fault btw, it’s a restriction from Fibaro.

Said that the firmware version displayed by Homey is sort of an internal version?

I have read about this firmware update limitation, a bizarre argumentation from Fibaro -as if mobile devices, updated by Google, would expose IP of the phone seller…
Anyway, before I ask the seller to do the update for me (or take them back), I wanted to know whether there is an update available (or my devices are already having the latest version).


Well it’s just like Hue bulbs can only update with a Hue bridge and IKEA bulbs only with an IKEA bridge. Nothing bizarre about that. It’s all about the money.

It’s (also) all about having a controlled environment. If Homey would be able to upgrade firmware of Fibaro devices, and for some reason, the upgrade fails and bricks the device, whose fault is it going to be?