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How-to make flow for Somfy sunscreen more efficient?

I have a working flow which controls my Somfy sunscreen. I want Homey to lower the screen if certain variables have specific values. Unfortunately it’s not possible to use a specific timeframe for the IF variable. Therefore I used IF Each 5 minutes AND specific timeframe and other variables. The disadvantage of this flow is that Homey starts the flow each 5 minutes when all other variables have the right value. Although this works it just feels a bit inefficient. Homey is starting flows which already have started. Is there a more efficient way to make this work?

The flow as it is right now:

Each 5 minutes

Time between 16:00 en 21:00
Clouds not more than 75%
Wind not more than 20 km/u
Not raining in 5 minutes

Sunscreen 100%

If I could only enter a timeframe at IF, I would not have to use the Every 5 minute variable.

You can use the SETS app.
With that you can create a SET ie. “Somfy”, then create STATES for each of the variables you want to activate when the condition is met. ie “Clouds75%”, “Wind<20kmh” etc.

You then create a flow for each variable so, if Clouds is less than 75%, activate state in that set, else deactivate state…

Then create another flow when all state is activated (or deactivated) at execute your somfy device…