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How to migrate to a Homey Pro?


hi there

Is there a easy way to migrate all devices and flows from a (old) homey to a new one -> homey pro?
Or in this case, we have to exclude and include all devices and creat all flows again?


Switch to Homey Pro

Homey Support said:

Unfortunately, we don’t have an easy method to migrate data to your new Homey Pro at the moment.
However, in the future, we are planning to make this function available.
We cannot give you a date estimation yet, keep an eye out on our news feed for the latest updates.


Hi Community,

Before I start asking for your advice, I would like to give you some more context:

Our home has evolved and grown over the past few years into a real smart-home since the launch of Homey. The house has become more and more context aware, due to the strong developer community and Athom releasing new functionality every week/month. Yes, we have had some dis-functional times and Yes, the WAF was sometimes under real pressure, but since the 1.5.13 update the joy in our home overrules with a stable smart-home. The smart-home scenarios are becoming more endless and are only limited if you do not have got a good imagination. THANK YOU Athom and THANK YOU community developers for unleashing that power on the promise of Homey!

I am now considering to buy a Homey Pro to overcome some small noticeable performance issues running approx. 100 devices, +40 apps, >750 flows. As there is no migration method (today) and with the new v2 setup and evolved functionality, it is better to re-think flows from scratch making them more efficient. Building these in the mobile app will take a long time. That is exactly the issue I have with it.

We have become used to the smart-home functionality in our daily lives. The family mostly only notices it when something does not work. Migrating to Homey Pro will need to be somewhat seamless and in parallel. But how to do that having dependencies in flows on different technology (apps+devices) on different Homeys needed to work together for a while during the migration?

The question I would like to ask to any one of you that owns 2 Homeys, is it possible to get them to work together? As an example, is it possible to migrate some z-wave devices on a daily basis without the need to migrate all z-wave devices over in one day? Secondly can the Homeys send over some boolean, numbers and string values to each other so that they have device awareness that has moved over?

You understand that I am trying to avoid new WAF issues with not breaking functionality during the migration. Looking for some smart advice :wink: