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I can't dim the lights with a voice command


Before 2.0 I could ask homey to dim the lights like, ok homey set brightness to 40%.
Homey recognises the command but says there are no dimmable devices. I have a HUE setup and a Fibaro dimmer 2. Through the app I can dim the lights like they should. Anybody a clue?


I have the same Problem with voice command over Alexa


I don’t see the command feature at all in 2.0. seemed to me that voice command is disabled.


Peter I think you might be experiencing and different issue. go to more - Settings - experiments and ensure you have enabled the microphone after upgrading.

That’s if you have a pre 2019 model


For the 2019 models that’s simply gone but this should still work


What do you mean it’s simply gone? Is the speech option completly gone in new homeys?


2019 models have no build-in microphone, you have to use alexa or google home or something like that. They also don’t have a NFC-reader build-in.