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IOS Swift "Hello World"


Hi. Is there anyone out there who has made an IOS app in swift that can connect to Homey. I’m looking for a “Hello world” code where I see how to connect to homey and preferably code where I see how to trigger a flow. Have asked Support but they point to homey API, unfortunately I am not so good in Swift so that I can directly from the API do this. So … If someone has code they want to share, I would be happy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. // Micke


Hey Micke are you referring to the 1.5.3 version or the new beta version 2.0


Ah. I would prefer (v2). Thats my guess. Is it nog different between this two?



Some one? Ex. for IOS, hello world or simuar
I need to have something to start with please