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Is there a manual for the new Homey 2.0 app?


Hi, where can i find a manual? How to use the app, how to create flows and how to use the tag functionality?

How does the “when someone says something specific”-card work with a 2019 Homey without voice control?


Hey @Ferry_van_E,

You can looks athom support pages. A few things you asked are explained there:

Not all I know but for a start it is a „manual“

Other things must be answered here.
Hope it helps a bit.

I personally don‘t use the voice part off homey since it didn’t work for me as suggested.

I hope of the Alexa support in both directions which is at this time under development by @Jamie.

It will be released in the near future. He has already a alpha version off the app running.


If you understand Dutch you can take a look at this wonderfull youtube channel


Thanks PhilS,

I really need to alter my Homey expectations because i was still in a pre-2.0-bubble before joining this community.

Thanks for the tip. I will follow the progress on Alexa functionality. Already worrying how to tell the wife that i need another gadget for full functionality :joy::rofl:


I’m dutch but the community prefers English, am i correct?

Thanks Jeroen


Yes it prefers english. But there is a dutch subforum. Look here: https://community.athom.com/c/non-english/nederlands