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Itho Daalderop Gateway - Spiders


You need a gateway that will show up in https://mijn.ithodaalderop.nl/

Since that is where the app reads the data from (via the API over internet, not via USB or a (zwave,zigbee,bluetooth) wireless protocol)

Hi, I have a gateway since one week. It worked fine in Homey, but not since yesterday. I am able to control my gateway through the itho app and website, so it is properly connected. I also made sure the password is correct. Is the API down or so?

I am using the exact same api as the mijn.ithodaalderop.nl site is using, so unless they’ve changed the protocol it should be working in the app. I checked it and for me it is still working. Maybe you can try to remove and reinstall the app in homey, or else send a bug report so I can check the logs.

Found the issue: 2 days ago I changed the zone name where the fan is located, so now I had to re-add the fan to Homey

@LvanderRee, I’m looking into a solution to automate my Itho boxes. I’ve got two of them. Does your application allow adding both?

I still need to buy the gw box, but if it’s not going to work, then I definitely won’t buy it. It is offered a lot on marktplaats.nl for ~100 euro’s. But it is still a bit of a risk if I’m not able to control both.

@LvanderRee Hi Leon,
Very Nice job. I have 4 spider thermostats and one ventilation unit installed.
Is it possible to import itho daalderop powerplugs into Homey?

Hello @Reinemanz and @Martijn_Hoogenbosch (sorry for the delay)

I can handle everything that you can see in your https://mijn.ithodaalderop.nl/#/dashboard , since I simply call the same API via the Homey widgets I’ve created.

However since I don’t have daalderop powerplugs nor two itho boxes, I cannot test this myself, nor have I written code to support this.

Thanks for coming back to it. I’ve solved it in another way. I’ve used the periflex connection to connect a shelly 2.5, works good enough.

@LvanderRee First of all: Thank you very much for all the work you put in this project. I’m new to Homey, but the main reason of buying a Homey is to control my Spider system. I use a multi-zone Spider system at home. What I still couldn’t figure out are these things:

  • Can I read the mode where any of the Spiders is in (clock program, temporary manual setting or fixed manual setting (clock program off))?
  • Does the Spider resume to the clock program after I change temp setting through a flow?
  • Can I set a fixed temp setting (without resuming clock program at the next programmed moment in the Spider clock program)?
  • I think support for power sockets is not yet supported, right? If you ever plan to do so, these would be very nice features to have:
    1 Set on/off on each socket (with resume of clock program at next programmed moment)
    2 Read current mode (on or off)
    3 Read current consumption (Watts or Amps) or even better: have it integrated in Homey Energy
    4 Enable/disable clock program
    5 Read operating mode (clock program active/inactive)
  • I also think the connected smart meter is not yet supported, right? It would also be a beautiful feature to have that integrated in Homey Energy.

I will keep following this topic. Keep up the good work!

Hi Leon, I am using Homey since a couple of months. Connecting the Spider thermostat is still a problem. Connecting the Spider Ventilation unit is OK and works well. Can you help me connecting the thermostat?
Ofcourse I use a Itho/Spider gateway.

Thanks in advance,

you can read the clock program, when you navigate to the details overview:

I actually haven’t changed the temperature in flows via Homey myself all this time, so I haven’t missed the option to read and alter the clock-mode myself, but it should be possible to add this feature for flows as well.

Reading out the smart meter should be possible as well, just didn’t put effort in it yet, but maybe I can find some time in the coming days.

Adding support for power sockets is hard, since I haven’t got them myself, so I cannot debug the API calls that are exchanged via mijn.ithodaalderop.nl

Hi, is it already possible to retrieve the smart energy meter readings from the Itho gateway as well? Would be really nice!