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JUNG zigbee 'ZLL A 5004 M' switch implementation



Jung has a zigbee switch which can be connected to various systems already:

Furthermore, it fits neatly in my existing wall switch setups:

Is there anyone who is using this switch and had experience with connecting it to Homey? I am interested in the switch and would like to have it directly control lights (dimming) and use the remaining buttons for scenes and flows. Any feedback is appreciated.


I have tried to add this switch (or it’s Gira sister) to Homey and create an app for it…
Adding the device to Homey is not the problem.

But Homey’s current Zigbee implementation does not support Zigbee LightLink, which the JUNG / GIRA devices depend on…

So there are no options to add this device directly to Homey before the Zigbee rewrite will be available (v2.1+).


I thought Hue also used Lightlink?


Yes and no…

Homey ('s Zigbee core) is able to control the Zigbee Home Automation (HA) based clusters of a Zigbee device; so for a Philips Hue bulb also the Zigbee HA onoff, dim and color clusters. Homey is however not able to control the specific Zigbee Light Link (ZLL) commands (ie. switching onoff with effects) and Groups and Scenes cluster commonly used by ZLL devices…

In the reverse direction, Homey is able to listen to most HA clusters and commands.
But not able to be controlled by ZLL commands and Groups and Scenes cluster commonly used by the ZLL devices.

So this typically hampers the ZLL remotes (like the Jung / Gira remotes), as they dominantly use the Groups and Scenes clusters.

The Xiaomi wireless switches, typically use the Zigbe HA clusters.


@TedTolboom, Thanks for the explanation and background, appreciated.

One thing that kept me thinking. If I understand correctly, scenes are part of the ZLL, thus it would not be possible (until V2.1+) for Homey to read the scene set on (for instance) the Hue bridge?

(Trying to think of a work around where one would for instance be using the on /off/ dim level of a bulb to have homey adjust other (non zigbee lights) to the same on / off / dim level…)


The Hue hub uses ZLL to communicate to it’s nodes, which works fine. Homey uses the API to communicate to the hub, not ZLL. So it can actually read scene names if the API supports this. Since I don’t use a Hue bridge, I don’t know if this is the case or not. I assume it is though, judging from implementations I’ve seen here.


I have three of those switches in my house; they work fine but communicate directly to the lights. Unfortunately I can’t connect them to the Hue app nor to the Homey. But just for switching on the lights, dimming the lights or for calling one the 6 programmed scenes (in the switch) works fine for me.
But I’m still hoping that the Homey integration will work one day…


@TedTolboom is there already any update on this?