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KNX experiance


My homey loses connection with the KNX sometimes. I don´t know were it goes wrong but when it not work I have no messages on the bus when I am whatching the activety i ETS.
When I restart the KNX app in homey settings it mostley works fine again.
Any one else that have the same problem or have any suggestion on what to try?


Either no-one is using the KNX-app or no-one have the same problem…
Not to hijack your thread - but I would like to hear if you think the app is any good - whats your experience? (besides your problems).


Becides the connection problem I have right now I think it’s easy to set up.
I like the use with flows where you can build tour own scenarios in many many ways.
For example I did a simple welcome home button and a good night button using a viritual button in flows.
The downside I think is the big layout of the buttons in the app that you can’t change. Lets hope this is different egen the full V.2 is relest.
It can only do basic commands in the knx from homey like set temperature, switch and dimm lights, control curtains for example. You can not comunicate for example with a wetherstation.
I am novice on this so mabey There is ways of do more things with the knx that I don’t Know about.

But I defenetly think you schuld try it out.