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Lightwave RF / Andrew Wilde App adapt to new 2.0 firmware

Hi there

I wrote this email because Athom answer me that their Lightwave RF / Athom B.V. app is not in the priority list. I wait from months and can not use Homey with my equipment and I am really disapointed. So I hope some one help me and adapt Lightwave RF / Andrew Wilde App with the new Homey firmware.

Even if one of devices start working I can join and help to make all of them alive. But i have very basic skills to do that.

To be honest I did start this but stopped when I noticed that the official one, limited as it is is now open source. We need to figure out which one is the best one to try and progress.

If you are willing to use a LW Smart hub then my LW Smart app supports a lot of connect devices through that.

If the device you have can be added to the Smart hub and I don’t already support it I can try to add it.