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Logic for 2 or more motion sensors covering an extra


Does anyone have help with this?

I have 2 motion sensors covering my kitchen. The first one is at the door and reliably detects someone coming in but it doesn’t cover the whole kitchen sufficiently so I installed a 2nd one. Both set to motion alarm cancellation 300s.

My current flow for 1 sensor is…

Flow 1 : If motion sensor 1 turned on AND 6pm to 6am , Then turn on light AND stop countdown timer
Flow 2 : if motion sensor 1 turned off AND 6pm to 6am, start countdown timer x min
Flow 3 : When countdown timer = 0

How do I add a 2nd sensor?

I tried what i thought made sense but it ends up not turning off the lights.


Change flow 1 and 2 to trigger on “devices” card, with the option "an alarm turned on /off, with the value “motion sensor”.
then add in the AND column a logic card to check the trigger card’s zone (which is a tag) = kitchen and for the motion off also if all motion sensors are off (also “devices” card), then you even can add a 3th or 4th etc motion sensor as long as you place it is the zone “kitchen”.


Hmm I am having problems dragging tags into logic boxes… Very fustrating.

Nvm somehow got it once, but most of time it refuses to stick or just hangs. I wonder if it’s because I hit 16 apps.


It is not the amount of apps that cause this, just the bad web interface, just keep it hanging about the spot until you see the + icon, or upgrade to homey v2 of course


I have grouped 3 sensors in my Kitchen, and also used the timer app:

No working as it should, yet…:frowning:

I will try @Caseda ’ s suggestion, too:


thanks. a reason to upgrade.


I am still on f/w 1.5.3


i tonight might be better on v2.0 app