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Logic Group Matrix 55 - ZDB5400 "Problem"


My three Matrix 55 stoped working after the Logic Group App updatetd it self. Have anyone else experienced this? And maby found a workaround or fix?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe contact the developer of the app :wink: @Arturas_Taskauskas :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

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I am only getting the message “Invalid_device” when activating a Matrix 55 button after the app update :frowning: And when removing and adding the device again it looks like its not an ZDB5400 on the image showing where to push the conect button. The image is showing this button on a diffrent lockation than lokated on the actual device. The first time i added the device it looked exactly as the ZDB5400 is.

Anyway, thanks for a great app :smiley: and hope to get it working again