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I have installed an WiFi led controller but i have some problems, the controller lose wifi connection sometimes for about one minute or so.

I have a new router for a week and the problems are solved…

Now i have another problem, yesterday the router decides to gave the wifi controllers new ip adresses and homey did not change them so te controllers don’t work anymore with homey.

After remove them from homey and reconnect them the working.

It is never a good idea to let the router tell u what he thinks is best for ur network. It’s always best the other way around: u tell the router what u think is best for ur network. So go find ur DHCP server and give the controllers a reservation there. That way this won’t happen again.

Help! I bought several rolls of pixel led strips. They came with controllers that work with magic home app. they light up just fine but the colors are off. The controllers are indicate the lights are WS2811. I can change the LED type in the application and change the color order RBG,BGR,RBG,GRB…etc but I havent found a setting that works. Usually only one primary color displays as expected but the others seem to be flipped ie. you ask for Blue and Get Red, You ask for Red and get Green, etc. Any suggestions on how I can fix the colors?

Are you sure the wiring from the controller to the led strip is correct. You should see some indication on the led strip with the proper order.

I just received my Magic Home Wifi RGBW controller from Ali Express. However, every time I pair my controller it works for like 5min and then the controller is listed as ‘offline’ in the Magic Home app (so obviously Homey cannot connect either). Only solution is factory resetting and repairing…

Has anyone had similar experiences and managed to solve this issue? I bought this one from ali express: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/32828275557.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.ac434c4dy9LoWx

I gave the (every) RGB(W) Controller a fixed ip in my router and that did it for me.

Yeah I already did that as well (forgot to mention it). No luck unfortunately :frowning:

I remember i had the same problem and asked for support by the developer. when he reacted i didn’t have the time to do anything with / about it so i never replied back to him :flushed:

But if i remember correctly the problem fixed itself someday after re-adding the device. Never had it since… I don’t think i did anything other then giving the fixed ip('s for all of them)

Maybe you can try and contact the developer, if you find “the fix” please post it here as solution.
Maybe someone else has an idea…

I had the same, one version wouldn’t connect (I have different firmware versions of them).
I found that connecting to wifi 2,4 Ghz and set the channel to 1, fixed my connection problem with this Magic Home Wifi RGBW controller.

A question from a dummie, I have 6 led strips with magic home wifi controller. Is it possible to control the led strips with a other systems remote control, let’s say z-wave, via the homy device?

Yes ofcourse! Thats the great benefit of homey… I believe the slogan of homey is; “everything connected”

So as an example;

IF button X is pressed
THAN turn on Ledstrip Y

This fixed my problem for a few days, but we’re back to being offline again :frowning:

  • I assigned a static IP to my led controller
  • Using 2,4ghz wifi
  • Set wifi channel to channel 1

Any other suggestions to bring my controller online again?

It would be interesting to see what the connection error is. Do you have the option to let the app run from a pc and wait till it goes offline to catch the connection error?

Just to be clear, the official Magic Home app also lists this device as offline, so it’s not a Homey app issue only. I’m just posting here to see if anyone has experienced the same issues.

Would running your app from the command line give me more details? Currently, the Homey app it says it’s unreachable (onbereikbaar), so I have a feeling that the led controller drops the wifi connection somehow.

It might give you a specific network error. But you should also be able to see this in your router. Does the device still show up in your router when it becomes unreachable. If it does not even show there anymore it would indicate some issue with the network controller of the device.