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Rules & Regulations

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Please use the following template:

I am Selling/I am Searching for:
Brand / Type / Number of items
Region specific Information: Power Connector Type/ Voltage / (Z-Wave Region/Frequency)

State: new/used/etc.
A good description of the articles.
Did you use it via Homey (Direct or for example via IFTTT)

[Preferably photo of what you sell, no links or pictures from shops!]


Price for each or for a set. (excluding shipping):

it is the buyers responsibility ensure that any powered devices meet your countries voltage, frequency and legal requirements.
You can read more about the Z-Wave frequencies here

Everything else regarding questions, shipping cost etc. should be done in Private Messaging
(Click in the users name and on image )

I am Selling: Fibaro Motion sensor ( MULTI V2 Z-WAVE PLUS FIBARO )
Fibaro / FIB_FGMS-001ZW5 / three pieces
Region specific Information: Zwave / EU / NL

State: Used these for some months, decided to move away from zwave as most of my devices where on zigbee. They look like they are new, including box and manual. Working as intended, no scratches etc.

These can be directly linked to Homey using the Fibaro App.
Can be used for switching lights or as home security when using the Heimdall app.

I would like to get €35,- each (new they are around 60,-) or €100,- for the three. Shipping cost are for the buyer, picking them up is also okay. (Living in Limburg, NL)

I am Selling:
Sunricher Zigbee Dimmer (5pcs)
Region specific Information: 100-240V inputs

State: new
Bought a bunch of these units, only need a few myself. They are straight from the manufacturer in China. They’re also sold under iCasa or Robbshop brands and are therefor compatible to use with the Robbshop app made by TedTolboom.

All specs and info can be found on the site of the manufacturer: https://www.sunricher.com/zigbee-ac-phase-cut-dimmer-sr-zg9101sac-hp.html

Location: near Eindhoven, Netherlands

Price for each or for a set. (excluding shipping): €35

I am Selling: 5 x Fibaro 4-in-1 Multisensor (Z-Wave)

Batterietyp: 3.0V Batterie CR123A
Operating Temperature: 0 bis 40°C
Measurable Temperature Range: -20 - 100°C
Light intensity measuring range: 0-32000 LUX
Size (diameter): 46 mm*
State: used
They are recognized by Homey and can be addressed directly via Homey.

Article location is Germany

At Amazon these sensors are currently sold for 41€.
Please send me a price suggestion by PN.
I would like to sell all 5 at once.

I am Selling:
*TP-Link HS110 smart plug, brand new! Homey compatible *

State: new, never used.
Still in original packaging, never used, brand new.
Homey compatible, through the TP-Link app.

[Preferably photo of what you sell, no links or pictures from shops!]

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Price for each or for a set. (excluding shipping): 24 euros

I also sell it on Marktplaats:

I am selling an 7 inch DENVER TAQ-70343 Tablet (Android)

New price around 55 euros
It can go for 35.

I bought it to use as an tablet on the wall. But as i was working on a case the google hub came out.
The device is from januari 2019 and only used for a few days.

Sell 2 x Aeotec Multi-Sensor 6 ZW100-C - Z-Wave Plus
Both together for 80€ including shipping to Germany