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Can some kind developer please write an app for Meross garageportopener, thank you in advance

Did you already search this forum for meross?

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Yes, only found an alpha app, nothing usefull

Nothing about garage door stuff indeed

Try the integration through SmartThings. I have all of my Meross devices on Homey thanks to SmartThings.
You have first to add your devices on SmartThings app on your cellphone, and after that install the dedicated SmartThings app on Homey.

That sounds like a great idea, only problem is that i cant find the Smarthings App in Homey

Hi again
Downloaded the app from community store but i cant find my garagedoor from the homeyapp.

I have added the garagedoor in the regular smartThings app, any ideas?

Hi again, ofcourse i have configured the app with token and More. Other smartthing devices arr showing but not my Meross garagedoor

Maybe it has to be activated ones?

Hi @Carlssof,

it is possible that not all the Meross devices are supported by SmartThings app.
I have only smart plugs and power strips (5 pcs., 3 different Meross models) and all of them are supported by SmartThings (and Homey with SmartThings app).

Possible, been trying to gel in contact with the developer of Smartthings to Homey but cant find any forms to do so


Hi @Carlssof,
Can you try to add the device (even though it won’t be found) as that will populate a log. If you then go to the Apps - Configure App and tap on the Detected tab, you should see a list of devices that hopefully gives me the information i need to add support for new things. If you could copy that list and send it to me via a PM I will se what I can do.