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Hi Flapaz90
what was the solution, that you have gateway and nor IR device?
I have still IR device
Regards Daniel

Hi @Maxmudjon ,
Thx for the recent (test) update to v1.1.13 in the HCS.
But unfortunately the app keeps crashing and restarting after this update.

Would it be possible to publish more versions to the Community Store? That way we can always revert to an older version when problems arise…

I use only a Aqara doorsensor (besides from the gateway of course) with the app.

If I am doing something wrong or can do something to help you resolve the app, please let me know…

You can chose the version to install by clicking on the 3 dots menu on right upper corner.
Immagine 2021-07-26 083222

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Thx, @Alessandro_Rossi. Reverted to v1.1.12 and everything is back to normal. :slight_smile:

Now, the HCS App version checker shows an update to v1.1.14, but when I check the HCS, it shows v1.1.12 again (no version v1.1.13 anymore too).

Now I am confused…. :wink: Can you shine a light, @Maxmudjon ? :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if somehow it is possible to add a Viomi SE robot? I can control it regularly through the Xiaomi App, but I can’t add it to Homey :thinking:


I see the Gateway 3 in the Mi Homey app.

Does this mean that if i use the Gateway 3 for Aqara bluetooth devices, i can connect aqara bluetooth devices to Homey threw the gateway 3?

It works.

Xiaomi vacuum mop p also works

Only downside is that they loose connection all the time. I have to change a thing settings and apply, wait for it to time-out and then its working again for one time controlling the device, then it looses connection again.

Yes , delete from homey, connect the devices to gateway and then add them in the homey through gateway option

Thank you.
So also bluetooth devices who are not in the Mi Homey app, wil work?

Just to be sure: i’m not talking about the gateway v2 (chinese version). Because i have already 2 gateways in my home. I’m talking about the Gateway V3.

It needs a driver to work. If there is no support for the device it won’t work.

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Thank you! Will stick with the gatewayv2 then.

Well if it works on gateway v2 , there is no reason it wouldn’t work on v3 as the connection is the same at softwarelevel . It just the gateway that requires support then and since it’s in the list it is.

You can’t add any bluetooth devices to gatewayv2. It is possible with gatewayv3. That’s why I asked if you can use all devices on gatewayv3 on Homey. That’s not the case I understand now.

Did you try ? It should not matter what type of connection is used for device to gateway. Data passing is the same for all devices connected to the hub and talking to homey. Only thing is the device id’s are different and maybe not added yet to the app.

Can anybody test if Viomi S9 works with this app?

Hey, I would love if you could make the app support my Mi Airpurifier S2 ( zhimi.airpurifier.mc1 ) I have tried to add the purifier with the S2 ( zhimi.airpurifier.ma2 ) model option, but it fails

I have a S2 and it’s working fine with the Xiaomi MI Home app on homey

As you can see it supports the S2 already

1.1.15 (26.09.2021)

  1. added Mijia Philips Color Bulb.
  2. added Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier.
  3. added Smartmi Standing Fan 2S.


Love this app!
Could we please get the vibration sensor added as well?

I’ve got 2 already, please let me know if any details are needed

It’s a zigbee device right? Then it’s already supported in another app: Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee App voor Homey | Homey