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Missing Capability Listener:onoff

Since this week, controlling the hue bulbs via the homey app does not work anymore.
The message I get is “missing Capability Listener: onoff”.
nothing new has been added recently the only thing I can think of is that the modem has been rebooted 2 times by power outage

what can it be but more importantly what can be done about it. pretty hard now that no wireless switch can control any bulb anymore

Please define “the Homey app”, while 3 Hue apps exist!

Homey app on my phone version

Sorry, I meant which Hue app are you using?

i am not sure which app i use Philips Hue App versie 4.4.0.
the Message “missing Capability Listener” is not showing any more.
i moved Homey to the “meterkast” not sure the right word (fusebox) next to the router and after a while it seems to be better. can this has to something to do with de Google Nest Hello wireless (battery)? or with the attached wireless gong from Honeywell. maybe the signal interfered and blocked the homey signal to the hue Bridge? is that something to be aware of. For now my wife doesn’t trust the homey so i have to make a sustanibel soluition and i want Homey back in the living room

That’s what I wanted to know.
The Hue bridge communicates through wifi with Homey.
(The “Hue without the bridge” app works with zigbee).
So maybe you have some wifi issues.
By the way, the latest Hue app version mentions a fix for what it seems the problem you have.

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