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@Phuturist Altering the payload values is not possible (yet). Adding value templates could be a nice addition to the functionality of the MQTT Device.

For now, you’ve got a few options:

  1. Alter the device settings accepting true/false (if possible)
  2. Use a Virtual device operating on flow cards (from MQTT Client) to do it manually…
  3. Use NodeRed to convert the payload
  4. Create a Pull Request/Wait for someone to extend the functionality of the MQTT Device
  5. other…?
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Aside from templates, auto recognise the on/off format as reported in state and respond in set topic accordingly ?


Where do I find ‘state’ when manually adding a device?

Edit: in the state topic ofcourse…need :coffee:.


@Phuturist Thanks!

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Submitted to store (beta channel; waiting for approval)

Version 2.2.5

  • Added MQTT device setting to modify the onoff capability output (true/false, on/off, etc.)
  • Cleanup MQTT Device topic settings

NOTE: Modifying topics should work. Adding/removing capabilities via devices settings is not possible, because the list of capabilities needs to be provided when installing the device…

@Phuturist @dewenni


Available in the store now (beta channel).


I’m getting ready to dive in this weekend. This is exactly what Homey has been missing for quite some time now.


I’m trying to grasp some things.

I want to control Heimdall using MQTT gateway. Setting the surveillance mode to disarmed, armed or partially_armed works fine but I cant seem to set the alarm-heimdall capability to false after it was triggered. Obvisouly both are custom capabilities and their only difference is that one is enum and the other is a boolean.

Is this just a matter of support somewhere inside the MQTT hub (which I would need to dig in) or am I overlooking something else.

And another issue I ran into. I have a Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum which has the onoff capability. When setting this to true I can see the topic set=true in MQTT explorer but the capability onoff does not actually change to true. I also dont quite understand what is going on here. Could someone explain what is going on here, I’m still quite new to MQTT.


The vacuum cleaner should report back on the state channel.


Trying to change the On/Off value from true/false to on/off from a MQTT device results in an “Could not save settings. Timed Out” error. Want me to submit an issue on GitHub?


@Phuturist No need to create a GitHub issue.
It’s probably an Homey issue…

I encountered equal error messages when a ‘broadcast’ was running. Mostly it succeeded when I tried later.
I already did some debugging. The timeouts are not from the MQTT save device settings logic. Homey is not responding to the request (in time) for unknown reason.


Hi @HarriedeGroot. Just connected a Philips Dimmer / Switch, but I don’t receive MQTT messages when I press buttons. The device is listed in “Devices” section of the App, and all the other devices (I didn’t use smart switches before) work just fine.
If I create a workflow in Homey the switch works great.
Is it supposed to work?

MQTT Hub: 2.1.9 / 2.2.5
Homey: 2.1.1


MQTT Explorer shows this:

$type = sensor
$name = Hue dimmer switch

The “type” is “sensor” for some reason, is that correct?


Weird stuff … I tried numerous of times at different times and states (after app reboots, after Homey reboots) but keep bumping into this error. It’s not gonna fly for me I’m afraid.


Add /set/ like …/onoff/set/


According to a source code the device doesn’t provide any capabilities. I checked other remote dimmers and found the same issue.
Do you have any ideas? It looks like all these devices should expose something more useful than Flow Triggers.


It may be an issue with ‘button’ type devices as they don’t publish their ‘transient’ state to MQTT either.


@unknown_error Can you provide me the device details from the developer tools?


@xAPPO Can you eleborate?



Property Value
ID (uuid)
Class sensor
Driver homey:app:com.philips.hue.zigbee — RWL000
Ready Yes
Available Yes
Warning No
Custom icon No
Key Value
zb_profile_id “49246”
zb_device_id “2096”
zb_ieee_addr “0x0017880104f77480”
zb_product_id “RWL021”
zb_manufacturer_name “Philips”

Capability Type Value Edit value Last Updated
(empty list)