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MQTT Hub/Gateway


@unknown_error Indeed, the device doesn’t have capabilities defined and the MQTT hub can only operate on device capabilities (flowcard triggers & actions are not accessible).

You could try creating a virtual device with capabilities being triggered via flow?


@HarriedeGroot, Yeah, it looks like that’s the only option out of the box. I was curious how people use such devices, because all of them don’t provide any specific capabilities.
I checked the list of all standard capabilities and there’s nothing specific to that except for “button” capability, so now it’s not clear which are expected to be used for generation of “events” from remote dimmers.
All the device drivers are using something like “genOnoff” (“gen” prefix) for flow triggers. Maybe there was something for that in previous versions of Homey API.

PS: see https://github.com/athombv/node-homey-lib/blob/master/assets/capability/capabilities.json


For some reason I get these errors and the hub won’t start up. Everything worked normally for weeks. Can someone help me with this?


@roel_hendr There’s a bug in Homey Core.
As far as I know: Athom (WeeJeWel) already dealt with it and the next Homey release will (probably) contain the fix.

This is all catched by @Jamie (THANKS!) and a temporal solution can be found here:


This worked indeed. Hope the real fix will be available soon. Thx for help!