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Multiple flows with one button?


These are the flows i have, every day another radiostation.

I own an remotec controller. My wish would be to assign 1 button and have every dag another radiostation. Is this possible?


Sure. Make a flow with:
WHEN button is pushed AND it is monday THEN start monday flow.


But when it is thuesday and i push the same button I would like to have another radio station


That is where the next flow comes in:
WHEN button is pushed AND it’s thuesday THEN start thuesday flow


How do I make that flow, I only have a possibillity for one WHEN field


Unfortunately u will have to make several flows for it


And several flows for one specific button is not


Ok, here we go:
We make a flow with the button as trigger.Like:

This is gonna be ur monday flow. Buttons and card may differ from ur cards ofc.
This flow u make 7 times. 1 for AND today is a monday, 1 for AND today is a tuesday and so on.
So, 7 flows with the same trigger in the left colom and with different days in the middle colom and different radiostations in the right colom.


Thanks this is the way i wanted it. Very nice​:pray::pray: