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NEO Coolcam Power Plug - DSK Code

Hi there.
Just for information.
I have just installed a NEO power plug, and are in this process asked for 5 digits from a DSK that is NOT printed on the device.
I installed the plug as a “V1” with the 5 digits as “00000” - it turned automatic to a “V2” and everything is OK.


Thanks @Kurt_Lindholm !

Saved my day because I don’t rembember that it asked for a DSK a few month ago (both plugs purchased at the same time last feb, but 2nd only paired today).

Had the same yesterday with 1 of my plugs, just reset the plug, then it didn’t ask for it again…maybe 00000 would have been easier :+1:

I did reset the plug to factory settings multiple times but the pairing asked for DSK each time :frowning:

Is it something new with latest versions of homey ?

No clue, i had never seen it before either, and now added 10 “new” plugs and only one came up with this question