Nest and flow


Hello, is it possible to control my nest thermostat from within a flow (e.g. set target temp)

I can’t see the card in the flow editor, am I doing something wrong or is it just not there?

I’d like to put the heating in eco when a when an outside door is left open for an amount of time.


Dont have a nest, but when you look in appstore on the app page of nest you can see whats possible.


You are probably using the app’s part in the flow editor, if you added your thermostat already as a device you will have (at least) 2 “nest things” in your devices list, the triggers for the app itself (away mode, etc), and the thermostat itself, you will need to add the thermostat itself in the flow editor to change the temperature


@Caseda, thnx missed that part :blush:


Had exactly the same :smiley: thanks!