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Nest + Homey = Dead API by 31th August

Indeed an app where you could fill in your personal api key would be sufficient no commercial license needed then.

With current list of devices are not the Nest Protects unfortunately. These are the ones I have from Nest. (luckily the old app still works for me).

Did check the developers site. Payed 5 usd to get the developer access… Looked around and was completely overwhelmed.

I really like the idea but havent checked the api yet. If a have to pay 5dollar to activate the app and get a token I would do it!!!

This probably has a lot do with google wanting all the data and information from users. The stuff they decided to revoke access to for those users and third parties via an API. “Do no evil”, it’s a joke.

Just have patience, I guess Ifttt will include Nest in no time again. Its sad to see Google making a moneygrab of everything lately. You already spend €300 on a thermostat and now they also ask $5 for using the api… Thats evil

Ifttt is not a great option anymore. Also a paid model at the moment. But ifttt makes it available soon we know that it will work

Maybe a community app would be posible??

I keep a close watch on the thread at the Home Assistant community. I think they also are very interested in the latest developments

For this moment I’m glad that I’m still on the nest account and the app is still working for me😉

is it not possible to have an overall app that will use the personal api? so every individual will pay 5USD and get access to his api?

That sure should be possible.
I’m doing some tests with node red at the moment.

I’ve been able to read out my Nest Thermostat temperature and send it to Honey using MQTT.

But I’m sure that in the end a Honey native app can work, using the personal API

Is that easy to do using MQTT? Maybe share some info / flows for this?

You did testing with the new nest api or the badnest HA ntergration

Hey guys,
I just managed to get my nest working with apple HomeKit through the starling home hub… so i guess we should also be able to connect it to homey!!

Who wants to earn some dollars :money_with_wings: to build an app?

They are making some serious progress at the HA platform

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That looks like a suitable solution.

Now we need the homey app to support this.
Any developer wants to do a fund raiser?

Looks great this posts