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New Flows not showing in Google Home

I’m new to homey and just started using it. So far everything seems to work great and I can control all the divices I want.

I use the Google assistent for speech. First I made three flows in Homey. I made a few “routines” in Google home app with a voice command as starter and a Homey Flow (that appears as “scene” in the Home app) as action. This went well.

The problem: after the above, I made a few more flows in Homey. But whatever I do, the new flows don’t appear in de Home app! The only thing I see under the scenes are the first three flows I created, and 4 generic ones (good morning, good night, at home, away) that I can’t find anywhere else in the Homey app or the Google home app.

Does someone know what is going on here?

PS. I translated the names as good as I could, but they are in Dutch.

Oh, I tried:
Rebooting the apps and my phone
Clearing cache
Renaming the flows
Putting the flows in folders
Asking Google “sync my devices”

Also, when I edit the 3 flows that Do show up in the home app, the name of the flows (scenes) changes almost immediately, so it IS syncing with Homey. It just doesn’t show anything new I create.

add them to your favorite flows in homey

… Thank you, that solved it.

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No problem

Where do you find scenes in the Google Home app? I don’t see those. I can activate a flow by saying “Hey Google Activate…whatever flow name is” as long as the flow is favourited in Homey app

When in the Home app, click on routines, make a new routine, pick something as a trigger (for example “we go to bed”), and select the scene you want to start under add action - smart home devices - scenes.

Hope this helps. Again, my account is in Dutch so I’m not sure about the labels, I translated them.

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I am having the same issues.
Even when i added the new flows to my homey’s favorites.
It does not show up in the list of flows in google’s app.

It’s weird, my first new flow, i was able to see it in the list after restarting apps.
Now that is not working anymore.

So i am havin the same problems as the OP, but i added them to the Homey’s favorites and it’s still not working.
Anyone ?


Thanks, but no, i have synced them many times now.
The devices are seen, but the flows are not.