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Overview of flow cards

Hi guys! I have searched the forum, but haven`t found anything regarding my question. I would love to get an overview of what the different flow cards actually do. Like a wiki for the different cards (Mainly for the system flow cards, and native homey-cards).

I.e I just tried the triggercard “An app has crashed”, but I am unable to understand exactly what it does. Does it actually register when an app has crashed, and then being able to restart that app?

Sorry if there is an overview somewhere. Would be glad if someone could point me to the right direction if it exist.

Best regards

Hi @thomas

the trigger card “a app has crashed” does exactly what it says. It can trigger a flow when a apps has crashed.

Did you also take a look, at the system flow cards in the Then colum?? Then you would have seen for example this card “restart app”

So when app “example fibaro” has crashed, then restart app fibaro.

And for the Wiki part, we called it Forum :smiley: almost everything can be found here. Just use the search option. And if you cant find it, or even it is not matching your situation……just ask.

Lot of people willing to help

Thank you for the reply, RoyWissenburg. Yes, I did.

My flow is:
WHEN - an app has crashed (chromecast)
THEN - restart app (chromecast)
- create notification ("‘date’ ‘time’: Chromecast has crashed, restarting app")

If I test the flow, it runs. Even though the app hasn`t crashed. Kinda weird, or?

Not strange at all. At least if you mean with testing it, using the Test option in the flow section!!! because the test option replaces the trigger card (when).

Thank you for clearing that up :slight_smile: Anyway, I`d still love a card-wiki so it is easier to get an overview over the different cards.

you welcome, and Always can contact athom with your request

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