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Panasonic tv doesn’t work with IP adres or remote app


Can anybody help me with my problem?

In the bedroom I have a Panasonic TX-40D
I have downloaded the different Panasonic apps for the tv and the remote.
When I copy my IP adres from my tv and then use it in a flow, it only works one time.
I have a mes network from TP-link and more than enough wifi signal.
My homey is in the living room, 1 floor appartement.
I’m a correct that when I make the following flow when I go too the bedroom.

Start flow:
Turn tv off
Turn lights of
Lock front door
Turn on tv bedroom

All steps work except the last one.

Thanks in advance,

First thing comes up to me… did you give the tv a static ip.

Try the free Fing app or similar on iOS to see if you can see the TV when you scan. Ensure static IP. From there you can also try to perform a Wake Up to see if it responds.

My Panasonic doesn’t wake up from the network either. Without power it doesn’t keep its connection and thus you can’t switch it on through the network.