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Philio app: How to reset tamper alarm


I have a PST02-B 3-in-1-sensor where the tamper alarm has gone off. Is there any way to reset this manually? I’ve tried to find a setting for timeout of the tamper alarms, but couldn’t find one.


The devices themselves do not send an tamper cancellation, but check out the change log the of the beta app. (now in awaiting of approval by athom)


  • Rewrite to SDKv2/meshdriver
  • Added (software) tamper cancellation for PAT02-(1A/1B/1C) and PST02-(A/B/C)
  • Trying to seperate out PAN11 devices into measuring and non measuring
  • Add support PSR07 Smart color button
  • Add support PAN07
  • Added an ID to PAN08 driver

Cool! Looking forward to that :smiley: