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Philips Air Purifiers & Humidifier app

for android , I am using air matters or the philips one “clean home” basically a stripped version of it.

I tried the Clean Home one but fails to logon to Philips funny enough. I will try the APK from Air Matters website. Hope that one works.

to find the device I had to put the phone in the same vlan, after that I could switch wifi

Yeah I figured that as well. The Philips app was failing on the login page first this morning. Gave it another try this afternoon it worked. Then I moved that phone to the IoT wifi vlan for detection of the unit and add it. Then moved it back to the normal Vlan and it kept working, so all good.


I bought a philips air purifiers & humidifier (AC3829) and connected to homey.
To connected with homey this work i can start the purifier, general mode, speed ventilator…

But now i would like to trying to found out how i can start they Humidifier with Homey?
Does someone know how or its only posible the start the purifier ?
But there is an option when humidity changed … i would think then let start the Humidifier?

who can helped me, thank you


not yet see the flow action com.athom.philipsair/app.json at master · biemond/com.athom.philipsair · GitHub

but does it work from the homey device? we saw that this does not work for all.


Hi Edwin,

hmm strange that homey can see the Humidity be changed? but have no action for this to start.

In the Clean Home+ app you can start this and can control it so i thought this would be the same like in homey to control this.

so there is way to start this function ?

He Raymond,

yeah flow actions are different from menu / device actions. So I need to add this for flows. Will try to do this in the current weekend.

That would be great, thank you Edwin

Hello Edwin, did you try it?

yeah ice skating and this weekend’s sun changes my plans. Will do it this week.

No problem, i understand that :grinning: :+1: