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[POLL] How many apps you have installed



Would like to know how many apps we have installed.
Plz be aware your votes are shown public on the forum!

  • Less then 8
  • 8
  • Between 9 and 20
  • Between 21 and 30
  • Between 31 and 40
  • Between 41 and 50
  • More then 50

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Performance of Homey suitable with quite some devices, sensors, actors of different brands/technologies?

Personally I’m trying to keep number of apps as low as possible. Each app is a potential problem in my head. :smiley: :smiley:


I get what u mean. But i still think it’s ok to have a lot of apps installed just because i have no problems with it. Did not hear peeps complaining about it also. The warning is “…could be slower or not reacting anymore” so there is a possibility it could happen.


I get that message and I dont dare add more


Whats so special about 8 apps Roco :stuck_out_tongue: