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Powerview and Homey

I have installed powerview hub using an ethernet connection with my router (static IP address).
Installed the software on the homey and installed the powerview hub. What is strange is that I have to enter the IP address myself and the homey software also doesn’t recognise the name I have given to the powerview hub. Then I can switch the powerview hub on/ off via the homey app, but the powerview hub itself doesn’t switch off.
Moreover, using the action cards of a homey flow, the homey software doesn’t recognise the scenes that I created in the powerview app. Anyone any idea what could be wrong?
Thx for any suggestions.

Kind regards,

Seems like a common error with powerview, I don’t have the product itself, but if you look at the Git page you’ll see the following issue:

Don’t know if your are dutch, but it translates to the same issues as you are experiencing.

Dear Martijn,
Indeed this seems to be a similar issue…but no feedback or solution is provided.
Anyone having any suggestion?