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Prefered way to recognize new devices


I com from homee and am very glad to have found homey. I have several D-Link DCH-Z310 smoke detectors, which are currently not recognized by the D-Link App. This smoke detector is identical to the Devolo Home Control Smoke detector as far as I know, which is also not supported by the Devolo App.

I have posted a siggestion for the D-Link App, but I am unsure, if this App is still actively developed. What would you suggest now? Will Athom help (they developed the Devolo-App), should I get new smoke detectors? Will it be possible to add the smoke detector to the D-Link App myself?


Assuming it is z-wave, If you post your question in the [APP] D-Link Z-wave App I’m sure the listed developer @johan_bendz will respond if he has plans to implement it - he’s a moderator for the forum and well respected member of this community.
He might also move this thread there if he knows that this topic is about that app :slight_smile:

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OK, I have done that, but was unsure, if that topic is still active, since the last reply was some time ago. Then I will be happy to read a reply.


Hi guys and thanks for the mention @Edwin_D. I have responded in the app thread and will close this one. :+1: