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Qubino Dimmer in Homekit


Hi there,
i just received my homey pro two weeks ago and i am totally impressed by the flows and the functionality. Every day i am creating more flows and virtual devices to improve my smart home which was formerly based on homekit and homee.
Now, after I integrated the Qubino din dimmer, i wanted import it to HomeKit. It also appears, but it is not possible to dim the light accurately. The Dimmer always sets itself to 100%.

Any infos about this topic or is there any chance to get this fixed by settings?
Thanks for your help!



Which app do you use to provide Homekit support?


I use homeykit and also tried the experiment in homey settings.


And the problem happens in both Homekit apps?


Unfortunately yes…


You could try installing the current Homeykit beta (v3.0.6), which has some dimming fixes. But if it happens in both Homekit implementations, it might be a problem in the Qubino app.


Just installed the beta 3.0.6 and dimming works fine now! Thank You Robert! :grinning:


Great, good to hear :+1:t2: