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Repeater aqara sensoren

I am looking for a repeater for aqara sensors osram plug in and ikea signal amplifiers are not working

Please don’t wonder, the text is curiously because I can only move my head. Thank you for your understanding.

Kind Regards
Jürgen Manthey

I assume that the IKEA and Osram devices were added to Homey’s Zigbee network first (by adding them to Homey through their respective apps)?

I use both Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri light bulbs. Both work as a router in my Zigbee Mesh and they are used by the aqara sensors as well.

no why?

Repeater devices are not plug-and-play: they need to be made part of the Zigbee network (by pairing them with Homey, which is the Zigbee network controller) before they act as a repeater for other devices in the network.

To clarify: I didn’t mean that you have to add the repeater devices to Homey before adding the other devices to Homey.

ok i try it thanks


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Hello Juergen
I am suffering the sam problems.
How were you able to get the network information visible ?


Thank you,
that was a big help.