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[REQUEST] Additional options for Flow logic

I’m sure this is not a new request, but it would be great if we could use a bit more logic in flows.

  • Also allow OR in WHEN Statement: e.g. WHEN time is 08:00 OR MyButtonPressed OR MotionDetected THEN TurnOnLight
  • Prevent Concurrent Flows: prevent new flows from starting when another instance of it is still running
  • Allow setting delay per 0.1s instead of 1s. In some cases 1s is just too much and 0.1s may be enough.
  • Synchronous Execution: start cards one after the other as defined in the flow (in order to make flows more predictable)
  • Allow one additional nested THEN level: … THEN (IF Time >20:00 THEN DimLevel=20 ELSE DimLevel=80)

Especially 1. would be extremely useful and should not be too complicated to implement (I guess effectively the same as multiple identical flows triggering on a different WHEN event).

BTW: The concept of cards and “AND” not being shown as part of the “WHEN” condition is something you need to get used at (to me “AND” belongs to the “WHEN” statement).


Agree, +5 :wink:

+1 if you ask me!

Mostly point 1) would be very very useful. Nested thens, well nice to have I guess but no difference to just launching the next flow. I would most likely go with just another flow being triggered to keep things organized. But that’s just me :smiley: +10

Added a few useful options to the list in OP…

Agree on your first point!
I have to many flows starting the same actions, this could be easier.