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Reset Philips Hue Bulb


Hello !

I bought this (1 bulb and 1 remote) to test devices:

I directly reset the remote and add it to Homey to control all my Lifx bulbs -> Nice !

Then I want to add my philips bulb to Homey but problem : I need the remote or a Hue bridge to reset the bulb (that’s what I found on the internet). I was like “oh man I reset the remote too quickly fuck me”.

Is there another way to reset a philips hue bulb to add it to Homey ?

Thank you !



Dont worry you should be able to use any remote to reset a bulb (it does not need to be connected to that bulb)
Just hold it very close to the bulb and hold the on&off until the bulb starts flashing (10sec)


Thank you for your answer @FKey !

But may I use my current Philips Remote or do I need to use a new one ?

Maybe there is a way to factory reset the remote ?

Have a nice week-end !


Any other solution ? :slight_smile:


Can can use any remote (connected to the bulb or not) to reset the light.
You can reset the remote with the button on its back (will lise connection to all bulbs)


Thank you @FKey ! Even if my remote is already reset, reseting bulbs pressing on and off button simultaneously still works ! I thought this functionality disappear by reseting the remote but it doesn’t !