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Ring Doorbell V2

You should add it into the homey app. Not the ring app

Ok, that did the trick :crazy_face:.


Hi Dennie,

Still having the problem with unsupported grant type. Would it be possible to make the apps settings token field editable? I do have the refresh token on my Homebridge Ring plugins configurations and could just paste it to the app and maybe get away with the error?

its a lack of time thing, any change will cost the same time i do not have.

Hi I cant add my Ring Doorbell anymore since today. First it arrived a error by making a screenshot, than I deleted the device and tried to add ist again. Bit it still ends in a time out error.

since this afternoon there has been a disturbance on the side of Ring

Ah okay. Than ist is a Ring Problem! :+1:t2: Hope they will fix it fast :sweat_smile:

Hi guys, every couple of weeks I need to re-add my Ring doorbell to get it back to work again… After some time, first the snapshot function stops working, and after some more days/weeks the complete connection with homey is broken. I have really no idea what is causing this issue… Are some of you fimiliar with this?

Wit samsung SmartThings you can add the ring doorbell as a V2, after it’s added you can fool it by change type to a PRO version, then all works like a charm, wouldn’t this be possible to add to home, that you afterwards just can say to homey it is a pro, not a v2, to have it act like a pro and solve the issue.