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Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products

@Rijckholt I can’t be sure about the actual panic button yet but I think it the app will have access to it, the action for it in Homey however would have to be configured by the user and be only limited by what Homey (and it’s apps) is capable of.

@hluhr I’ve noticed a battery percentage drop, but indeed slowly (very slowly) I’ve done extensive testing while writing the app and also just charged it once. Specifically when testing with the backlight brightness and duration it drained some power from the battery, so I can confirm the battery indicator works.

Sounds good @DaneedeKruyff and thanks for a great app! Both the app and the Ring keypad is working excellent. :slightly_smiling_face:
No hick-ups as I had previously with the Popp app and keypad.

@hluhr: I was keeping track of the battery charge % while charging and saw some granularity on the way to 100%.
I have it fully charged now and created a few flows to send me email at 75, 50 and 25% charge. Will add a few more for 95, 90, 85, 80, to see what happens.

@DaneedeKruyff i have just made a donation to your PayPal account! Thanks for all your continues work on this app!!

@Rijckholt, much appreciated, thank you! Please keep us informed with your findings with the battery reporting.

@hluhr You’re welcome, glad you like it!

New version published

Version: 0.2.0 Beta

  • Added Motion Detector and Contact Sensor (V1)

Athom has just released Homey Firmware version 7.0.0 which adds support for the Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) protocol which is required for these added devices.
This also makes it possible to add the 2nd generation of Ring Alarm devices to the app, work on that is in progress!

Stay tuned for more!


Ha that is great news. Installed FW7. Any eta on Keypad V2 support? Would rather have V2 on the wall instead of V1 that I can still return till the end of June :wink:

No ETA yet, and no guarantees, but I expect to be able to integratie it before the end of June.
Luckily the documentation for it it has surfaced on the Z-Wave Alliance website so while I’m waiting for the Keypad to arrive I’ve started on writing the driver.

Fingers crossed :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up. Will order the V2 anyway (no pressure :slight_smile: Fully understand the dev process.

Do anyone know the difference between the Ring keypad V1 and V2 (except the S2 support)?
Any new functionality in V2 that can be used with the Homey solution?

Technically its indeed the S2 (and FLiRS) support, practically it’s a bit smaller in size, functional it has 3 dedicated panic alarm buttons and in aesthetics some may say it looks better.
In regard to what can be used with Homey; not sure yet. I expect it to be at the same functional level as the V1 version and I expect to be able to make the 3 extra buttons available as triggers for a flow but that’s all speculation until I have it in my hands and can test it.

Ring Keypad 2nd Generation support is getting closer and closer!


Thanks to ROBBShop by providing me with a Ring Keypad of the second generation I was able to start on getting it to supported in the Ring Security app.

Progress so far:
I’ve managed to get the sending information from the Ring Keypad to Homey working, so entering a PIN and selecting a Surveillance Mode for example is working as expected. I’m also able to receive information when one of the three panic buttons is pressed so I can create flow cards for them.
The device settings are also working although this keypad has some options the 1st generation doesn’t have I’m sure I’ll be able to get this working.
Unfortunately I’m currently running into a problem where the keypad doesn’t perform actions like spoken texts and showing the Surveillance Mode like it does for the 1st generation so that requires some extra work.

About ROBBShop,

Because buying the devices that I want to support with the Ring Security app will be very pricy I decided to try to find a sponsor for these devices. So I reached out to ROBBShop (thanks to @TedTolboom for getting me connected) and found they were really supportive about the idea even though the Ring Keypad is not (yet) in their assortment. Long story short, they ordered it for me and send it to me!

I’d like to thank them for their support of Homey Community Developers and thus the Homey users so next time you want to get something new for you homeautomation be sure to head over to ROBBShop website and show your support for them!


Great to see that your efforts to extend the Heimdall app with support for the new Ring devices is recognized and supported by ROBBshop! Looking forward to the result of this collaboration!


First of all, I’m very happy with this extension on Heimdall. Heimdall is already a very good solution, but this extension is making it better. I used a keypad with tags, but with this Ring solution i like it more. Also that you can see the state and also there is a voice option and siren function in it as well. Thanks for that.
My question is about when the alarm is set, there is a message ’ Ignore sensor message’. Is it possible for me to disable that message?


I like this indicator, would be cool if the device could tell (voice) me which sensor is active. :slight_smile:

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@Rob_Bruining Great, happy you like Heimdall and this app. At the moment there is no setting to disable the “Sensor active at arming message”, I can add that though.
I’ve added it as a Feature Request on Github: Feature Request: Add setting to Ring Keypad to suppress "Sensor Active at Arming message" · Issue #3 · daneedk/com.ring.security · GitHub
Not sure when I’ll get to it, at the moment my focus is on adding support for the 2nd Generation Ring Keypad.

@jc82517 that would indeed be very cool but will not be possible, there is no text to speech possible. All spoken messages are static.


I see. :frowning: but i have to say, that the integration of the keypad works like a charm. also heimdall is amazing and i love it. thank you so much for your incredible work. :clap:t3:


Thank you so much for this, I have the 2nd Generation Ring Keypad and I’ve been hoping to see an integration for the Ring Alarm system ever since I bought my Homey last year, this is wonderful of you to do. Developers like you are the reason we can enjoy all this amazing technology :heart:


So, good news!
I finally managed to get the communication from Homey to the 2nd generation Ring Keypad working. Not all functionality is there yet, this keypad uses fixed times for the Alarm Delay and Arming Delay so I have to figure out how to match that to Heimdall where the delays are flexible. That also is a problem for the Last Door Function so that’s not integrated either. Lastly, I’ve not yet added functionality for when the Alarm is activated.

What is working you ask?
Well, the Surveillance Modes gets displayed correctly and the Sensor Active at Arming message works (and while I was at it, I added a setting to enable/disable ignoring it, for both Keypad Generations @Rob_Bruining)

I’ve not submitted this version to the App Store, but it is available at Github so if you know how to CLI install an app you can get it and test it, I’ve not done thorough testing yet so I hope some people here can help me out with that.

What was the problem getting it to work?
This Ring Keypad version uses the Z-wave Command Class Indicator Version 3 which is very different from the Version 1 used by the 1st Generation Ring Keypad. Thanks to @TedTolboom I was able to write code in the form the Indicator Version 3 expects it, only to find out that Homey doesn’t support Version 3 of the Indicator Command Class (yet) only Version 1 and 2. Luckily @tjallingt stepped in and helped me out with some code to send Z-Wave command equivalent of what the Indicator Version 3 would do. Thanks to both!