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Roborock app

It there someone who is developing or interested in developing an roborock app? I’m having a roborock s7 and the old Mi app has no support for s7 or the early model s6.


Yes, I would be very interested, and willing to donate to a devoper who creates this app…! :slight_smile:

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Yeah me to. :smiley:

I suggest to post app requests here

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I do think that should be the right place, absolutely right, @Peter_Kawa.
But has there ever been an app that was developed initiated by a request there…? :wink:

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I have no clue Henk… I think it matters how many beers or coffee you want to donate :wink:
Just kidding. I think few would invest the many hours needed to develop, test en maintain an app for a few peeps. In other words, if it’s too rare, changes of an app drop. Roborock seems a populair device though, but idk how hard it is to connect with Xiami’s api / software

Haha, perhaps… :wink:
I have always donated and will do in the future to developers I appreciated. Would be nice if everyone did so too… :smiley:

Yeah me too! please also add the S5 max because this unit is also not very supported yet.
I think it is the same software / token as the newer S6 en S7

Always open to donate to a project like this as well. The workaround with an alexa skill is kinda working, but a bit limited (can only start cleaning and dock, no coordinates etc)

Well, that’s a bit of a point of perspective: my vacuum robot itself simply has no other options than ‘go clean’ ‘stop’ and 'dock’:sweat_smile:

Yeah same here, so that is exactly the limitation i want to overcome, but i can make it do these things through the alexa skill, which i control through homey (Alexa app created by @Jamie :+1: )

It’s far from what I would ultimately want for the Roborock, but it’s better then nothing, and this workaround is doing just that

No sorry, I meant my robot doesn’t have any other option, at all. Even in it’s own phone app.:wink: