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Samsung smart tv app. Possible to install the old app?


Hallo people,

My girlfriend has bought an Homey and she is very happy with it! One disapointment; There is no samsung smart tv app!(!!!)

Why? It is such a big brand!

I have seen this:

That there was an app, but it’s not maintained anymore… However, is it possible to install it on the latest stable version of homey somehow? I don’t know why it has been removed from the appstore…


did you also check the App Store??


Yes I did. But that’s the infra red app. And not reliable. I like to use it with wifi function.


Yeah, and there are also 1000+ other big brands.

Athom is just a small team, they can’t build everything themselves.
As it was made by a consumer like yourself they (the main developer) can make the choice to remove it from the appstore for whatever (good) reason they might have themselves and athom needs to comply with that.

Or there are multiple other reasons an app can be removed from te appstore.
For example, a bad memory leak that makes your homey unbearably slow and it is just not maintained by that (community) developer so it is best to remove it as that is useally the easiest way (and best for the end user) if no one has the time to dig through someone else’s code to try and fix it (that can take a lot of time)

If you really want to know why it was removed you will have to ask athom via their support line (support@athom.com) as they are not actively following this community forum.


You could buy a logitech harmony, theres a app for that.
It will cost a bit but then you have the functionality that you want.

greetings, Herman


Good idea with the Harmony, though I agree it was very disapointing to see the Samsung TV was not supported directly. It was the first thing I wanted to try out, and it took some time to figure why it is not. Made me put the homey away for 8 months. Just turned it on again to see if there was any news on the subject, but seems not.

Anyway, Samsung is a major brand and finding it not supported only makes you wonder how much other stuff is not supported. I think I swa the Samsung WiFi connection promoted on their home page as well…