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Searching for the right thermostate

Hello everybody,
I did not really find it via search, so I will address it here. Thank you in advance!

Technical basis:
New building in Germany
detached house
Approximately 10 thermostats necessary
Smart functions would be great
underfloor heating
Battery or connected to the electricity: I’m still unsure

For our new building I am looking for nice thermostats. Our electrician proposes TADO and HOMEMATIC. As far as I know and find, Homey supports TADO. Here, however, comes to me negatively that you probably have to pay subscription fees to TADO, if you use smart features … Is that the case even if Homey managed the “smart functions”? Homematic I think so far not supported by TADO (search on the thermostat page).

What would have liked so far is “ThermoSmart from Thermosmart B.V”. However, I find little technical information or a real purchase option. Seems to be very expensive too.

Visually, I find “https://www.athom.com/en/store/product/plugwise-anna-thermostat/” very interesting and also priced at 99 € / piece. Has anyone had experience with it? The technical data are unfortunately not very detailed (well, I’m also a layman) but I can not see if they send their signal via WiFi and need batteries or need to be powered by 12V or 230V. Do the Anna - Thermostats ONLY work with Tado or would they work on their own, if Homey should not exist in 5 years, etc …

I am really happy about your answers and experiences. Our electrician wants to get in touch as soon as possible … Thank you, Franz

PS: Please excuse me for posting this topic in the german forum paralell.

Your choice of thermostat is very dependend on your own wishes and what wishes are most important to you:
1 how important is heating function to you (and the wife ;-), will you rely on bluetooth or wifi(tado) or do you want the system to work even if your wifi is down (evohome and others)
2 do you want to control the valves on the radiotors too? (Tado, evohome, danfoss) Or just the thermostat itself? (Thermosmart, toon, plugwise)
3 do you want to control seperate zones? (Evohome) Or control all radiotors based on a thermostat in one room (living) (thermosmart, plugwise, toon, tado)
4 how much are you willing to spent… (evohome is really expensive)
5 do you want homey support available?

I use Tado and I’m very pleased with it. I did however get mine before they introduced the subscription for certain features. I find the Tado geolocation is the most reliable of everything I have tried, but if you don’t want to pay the subscription then you can use homey to set the temperature instead.
I use the Tado valves on all my radiators and I have a few thermostats in certain rooms for better control. I also have a Tado thermostat controlling my under floor heating in the kitchen.

I use sensors fitted to doors and windows that are connected to homey to lower the target temperature when one is open and set it back when it is closed.

So homey can do the control but the basic function still works when the network is down.

I hope that answers your questions about Tado.