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Shelly 2.5 inputs not being reported

hi, I want to use Shelly 2.5 to report the status of switches. It works with Shelly 1 but Shelly 2.5 has 2 inputs and that looked more economical to me. unfortunately the status of the switches is not reported to homey and the flow doesn’t work. It shows in the Shelly app on my phone. I use the shelly 2.5 in a separate network with router forward and firewall traffic rule. Installation with manual IP worked and I can use the Homey on network 1 and switch the relays in network 2. but the status of the switches is not returned to homey…

I would advise to post this in the Shelly topic, @Phuturist is very active there.

Sounds like an issue with CoAP traffic between the seperated LAN’s. Have a look at the first post of the Shelly support topic. You will need to configure your network to allow multicast forwarding between the LAN’s.

thanks for your advice. In the mean time I’ve switched to fibaro…

If it is indeed what @Phuturist says, the CoAP traffic what creates a problem, it should be resolved now by installing the latest firmware of the 2.5 and updating to the latest test version of the Shelly app.